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January 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Matt Herren, Vice President – Business Development & MarketingĀ atĀ Information Television Network, posted a comment on a LinkedIn Group (VOD/Media Professionals) answering the question “what will TV be like in 2020?”. Matt envisions a world of unbundled content in which users can BYON (Build Your Own Network) from a combination of ad-supported, PPV, subscription, and completely free content sources.

I like Matt’s vision, and have some additional thoughts:

  • There will still be “networks” and subscription or PPV services that bundle content and seek mass audiences — but on a regional/global basis (timezones notwithstanding).
  • There will still be scheduled programming.
  • Mobile devices will take 50% or more of viewing time.
  • A huge hurdle for content owners/providers will still be “how does my audience find me?”, so there will be various solutions that involve both search technologies (bringing users new/unknown content that matches their online persona) and social technologies.
  • Immersive TV technologies will be in place, although we may need new kinds of viewing environments to make them viable (a home’s media room becomes the ‘RealLifeVision’ room).
  • People will still want/need random distraction where they tune in to “whatever’s on” and watch for a while, not something targeted in their BYON, so they’ll still need the navigation help of “channels” with recognizable brands.
  • A BYON world will need a convenient “one-stop” payment solution involving an entity which probably hasn’t been invented yet to collect funds and distribute royalties.

Any other likely developments?

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